Pasadena Upland  Gas Leak Detection & Repair Services

Water and Gas leaks need to be detected and repaired as soon as possible for its danger factor.
Water leaks however can be as much dangerous because of the aftermath of the damage

within your entire home.
If you have the slightest inclination think you’ve got a water
or gas leak in your home, you need our help immediately.

We use state of the art plumbing tools such as thermal imaging
cameras, inferred cameras and top of the line water leak detection tools.

Some of the leaks we fix are:
Plumbing Leak Detection and Repair
Water Line Leak Repair
Broken Sewer and Drain Leak Repair
Repair or replace  gas lines
Install new polyethylene gas pipe or stainless steel pipe
Gas earthquake turn off valve ( all homes and apartments must have earthquake valve on the gas meter)

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